Joey Jenkins Speaker Trailer


Inspiring keynotes


"Dream Big. Act Small."  

In this keynote Joey challenges his audience to not just "dream" of the impact they'll make one day, but to start making that impact today through small, consistent actions. This is the perfect keynote for any audience, whether a school, non-profit or corporation, that wants to be inspired to step up to the challenge of living more intentionally and making the world a better place. 

"Leadership for Impact."

With increasing global challenges, there is a need for a new breed of leader to emerge. In this talk, Joey challenges his audience to grow and develop in an entirely new way. He presents a rare combination of leadership qualities, that when combined effectively, produce transformational leaders who will create global impact on a massive scale.

"Never Hit the Snooze Button."

Extraordinary impact requires extreme discipline. This talk walks the audience through the most impactful elements of Joey's book which challenges us all to never hit the snooze button again! 



“Joey has been a remarkable source of invaluable insights to our students and our entire community. His conversations with our students have been extraordinarily well prepared and enthusiastically delivered. He is a true role model and inspiration for our students who are so fortunate to hear his message of service, love, motivation, work ethic, and character.”
— Thomas D. Arndorfer, President Jesuit High School Portland, OR
“Joey has that rare talent of being amazingly effective in his presentations and message and very humble at the same time. There are few people in this world who truly ‘walk their talk,’ but Joey is definitely one of them. His passion, integrity and personal nature opens people up to all possibilities and I would never hesitate to place him in front of any group of people.”
— James Schupp, Senior Vice President Investments Wells Fargo
“Joey Jenkins is a dynamic and inspiring speaker. I have seen him light up an auditorium of sleepy high schoolers, making them believe that they can and must make a positive difference in this world. Joey is the real deal: authentic, spiritual, funny, insightful, brilliant.”
— Paul Hogan, Principal Jesuit High School Portland, OR



Key Past Presentations

•    TEDx Speaker - "Dream Big. Act Small." Jesuit High School TEDx Event

•    Keynote – “Raise Your Standards” Oregon & SW Washington Association for Health Care Recruitment

•    Keynote – “Intentional Leadership” New Vibe Training Event

•    Presenter - "The Leadership Mindset" Oregon State University Art of Leadership Conference

•    Keynote – “Living on Mission” Jesuit High School Career Day

•    Keynote – “Leadership Sucks…and Why its Worth it.” Department of Recreational Sports Directors Retreat

•    Keynote – “National Honor Society Induction” Gladstone High School

•    Keynote - "Dream Big. Act Small."  U of O Leadership Conference

•    Keynote Speaker - "Content but Never Satisfied" MacLaren Youth Correctional Facility High School and College Commencement Speech


Education and Certifications

•    Masters in Business Administration -  Oregon State University (2010)

•    Exercise and Sports Science B.S. - Oregon State University (2007)

•    NASM (National Association of Sports Medicine):  Performance Enhancement Specialist, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Fitness Nutrition Specialist

•    Identity and Destiny Licensed Facilitator


Other Credentials

•    Ncompass - Co-Founder, Board Member, former Executive Director, 2006-Present. Nonprofit supporting over 130 kids in Haiti. 

•    Kidstarter - Co-Founder and Board Member, 2013-Present. Youth empowerment program connecting kids to local and global causes. 

•    Valor Global Foundation – Board Chair. Nonprofit focused on global education with schools in the U.S., South Korea and the Philippines. 

•    Oregon Youth Authority - Founder/Director of two Youth Prison Transformation Programs