Everyone can benefit from a coach. 

Individual coaching helps you get from where you are to where you want to be faster.   The coaching will cover a range of topics, depending on each individual's needs. The coach will assist you in setting goals, creating strategies and providing effective accountability to ensure success is achieved. Contact us for more information.   



“Certain people have an energy in their presence that words can’t describe adequately. Sit down with Joey and you will see what I mean.”
— Miles Dodge Purchasing Agent at Daimler
“I have never met as big of a dreamer as Joey Jenkins. His love for life and others is incredibly infectious and his support and encouragement was truly an invaluable gift. As my mentor, he saw the best in me and helped me to see it, as well. I am a better person for knowing him and am proud to call him my mentor and friend.”
— Kristen Schmidlin RN, BSN Providence St. Vincent
“Joey is one of the most talented and inspirational people I’ve ever known. Unlike anyone I’ve ever met, Joey has a special gift of helping people unlock their full potential. He is focused, disciplined, caring, and trustworthy. Any student at any level would be lucky to have Joey as their personal coach.”
— Ben Newell Wealth Manager at Miller Financial Group LLC