Our Values Drive What We do

In a world that no longer celebrates shareholder profitability at the expense of poor working conditions or environmental waste, being socially responsible has never been more important. In fact, there is a growing body of research that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) actually increases overall profitability. By integrating and aligning fiscal, social and environmental agendas companies are proving to have a substantial advantage in the marketplace. 


At Optimal Impact Group, we operate under three core values that assist our clients in doing just that: Growth, Contribution and Excellence are the foundation for creating long-term success and sustainability. 


The Impact 360° Analysis is our premiere offering for organizational impact evaluation. Within the context of the Four Pillars of Optimal Impact, we analyze strengths, weaknesses and blindspots for any organization looking to become more impactful. For more information click here

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A values-driven approach 

Find out what our team can do for your business 

Just a few of the ways we serve our clients


-Impact 360° Analysis

-Retreats and seminars   

-Social brand value analysis and optimization   

-Leadership training programs

-Personal giving campaigns and initiatives

-Dynamic keynotes on leadership, impact and development


“Joey has a passion and gift for lifting other people up, and it shows in his family life, his community involvement and his one-on-one relationships. He’s a patient guide who teaches by example; he’s a man of integrity, values and humility whom others instinctively respect.”
— Jon French, Portland Business Executive
“Joey is not just one of the most inspirational people I have ever met, he is THE most inspirational person I have ever met. Joey has a tremendous ability for not just mapping out strategic plans, both individualized and team-oriented, but also executing through coaching, accountability and motivation. Through his continued support I’ve been able to nearly double my production as a trainer and step into a management role myself.”
— Sam Weaver, Assistant Fitness Manager 24 Hour Fitness
“Joey is a perfect coach! His leadership skills are proven from the wonderfully successful business he has created that helps those in need. His compassion, energy, spirit and passion for making people the best they can be is inspiring. I would recommend him to my own children or professional colleagues.”
— Beth Thomas, Executive VP of Sequent Inc. & Author of Powered by Happy