Stephanie Jenkins, Impact Strategist

     The saying goes that, “Behind every great man is a great woman,” and nowhere is this more true than when talking about our CEI’s wife. Stephanie is much more than a great woman behind her husband—she is a modern day influencer who impacts the world through the work she does both locally and globally. 

In 2006, Stephanie co-founded Ncompass, a non-profit organization dedicated to youth empowerment initiatives, most recently through their support of children in Haiti. She believes that every child deserves to be loved and have someone believe in them, and she is devoted to initiatives that fulfill that mission.

She is also fully devoted to accomplishing that mission within the walls of her own home with her and Joey’s three beautiful children, Lucy, Joshua and Andrew. Being a mom comes first, which is why we love Steph so much. She is unwavering in her values and her children are always a top priority.

Stephanie joined Optimal Impact Group as an Impact Strategist. Her work in the non-profit sector makes her the perfect person to fulfill this role. 

Prior to having her daughter Lucy, Stephanie taught third and fifth grade for seven years. She graduated from Oregon State University with a degree in Early Childhood Education and went on to get her Masters of Teaching at Southern Oregon University.