Go the Distance


Welcome to 4th quarter everyone!  October has begun, which means we have entered the final and most important quarter of the year.  If you are like me, many of you are probably tired, weary and ready to throw in the towel. I came about as close to my breaking point as I have in years a few days ago.   I was tired of the fight and the grind.  But this isn’t the time to quit; this is the time to go the distance! 

When 2017 began, like every year, I chose “one word” that was going to carry me through the year and be my primary focus.  This year I chose the word “Fighter”.  The reason I chose this word was because I knew it was going to be a brutal year in my business (as I had to triple my business to keep the doors open), and in my personal life as we have three kids under five this year.  My inspiration for my word was Sylvester Stallone in Rocky 1.  Rocky isn’t worried about beating Apollo Creed in that movie, but as he tells Adrian, he simply wants to “go the distance.”  To last all fifteen rounds against the champ.  This is what I wanted going into 2017; to still be standing at the end of the year.    

I know for many of us 2017 has been a brutal year.  Some of you have gone through tremendous professional and personal pain this year, and some of you have just been worn down by the pace and burden of life.  My encouragement to you is to stay the course and “go the distance”.  Keep pushing and stay in the game until you hear that final bell.  In a marathon, statistically, more people quit at mile 21 than any other mile.  The first mile is exciting and you feel energized, while the last mile, you can see the finish line which makes it easier to keep pushing.  It’s mile 21, or the beginning of 4th quarter where we feel the most tired and still can’t see the finish line, that’s the toughest.  Mile 21 is where we test our resilience and grit and decide what we are made of.     

Look deep inside of yourself today, dig your heels in and push through the finish line this year with everything you’ve got.  Go the distance! 

Dream Big. Act. Small.