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The Impact 360° analysis is an unbiased, comprehensive analysis of organizational strengths and weaknesses within the context of the four pillars of optimal impact - leadership, culture, community and branding. While we usually recommend a full and comprehensive analysis, we can easily customize each analysis to provide the best solution for your company.


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The impact of any organization always begins with strong leadership. Our leadership analysis includes a review of leaders in the following categories: vision, strategy, competence, commitment and character.


The internal culture of an organization is always an important piece of the impact puzzle. When analyzing culture our review includes reporting data in the following areas: purpose, growth, safety, collaboration and engagement.


After reviewing the organization’s internal impact, we then move onto the broader scope of how the company impacts the community at large. Dependent upon size and scale of the organization we analyze local, regional, national and global community impact in the following areas: clarity, contribution, effectiveness, alignment and scalability.


We finish our review by analyzing branding. We recognize the importance of aligning fiscal and social agendas as a means for companies to create greater impact and we collect data on branding in order for an organization to see where they can better capitalize on their impact campaigns to increase overall profitability. Our branding analysis includes the following: marketability, alignment, strategy, effectiveness and perception.

In every report

At Optimal Impact Group one of our top values is excellence in everything we do. Whether working with a multi-national corporation or small non-profit organization, our clients can expect the same level of care and attention to detail because we pride ourselves on providing the highest level of service to all our clients. Our Impact 360° Analysis is completed in 2 phases - data collection and reporting/analysis. During the data collection phase we work with your organization to collect unbiased, 3rd-party data on the effectiveness of impact in each area of the four pillars. This often includes employee surveys and/or interviews, interviews with key leaders, review of internal documents, social media and marketing campaigns and more. After we’ve collected thorough data in each category we move onto the reporting phase - we compile all the information into an easy to understand document. We then meet and present our findings, give our analysis of strengths, weaknesses and blind spots in each category and make recommendations based on the findings.